Friday, May 23, 2008

29 weeks...11 to go!!!

Hello everyone-

Quick update. So Gina had her Doctor's appointment this week and everything is going splendid. Dr. Harper says that little Paige is doing perfect. So that's great news.

I'm very proud of my wife. She's been a real trooper. I've been told for the last 6 months to be prepared to go pick up happy meals, sherbert, and a can of cheese wiz at 2 am. I haven't had to go once. Although now we've graduated to the, "You better get as much sleep as you can now" stage. I'm not buying it. Regardless, my wife is awesome and she takes such good care of little Paige.

My LBG (little baby girl...stole the acronym idea from Joey) is bouncing and moving all the time. She's already got a little personality. She'll play fight with me and push back if I gently push on Gina's belly (ok I egg her on a little but that's my job as a daddy). With anyone else though she's very shy. I picture her in there acting all shy and batting her little eyelashes...which she has now. She loves music. Especially Switchfoot.

That's it for now. We're doing well here in the land of TEXAS. God continues to bless us with everything and then some. We'll be in CA soon and we're very excited to visit. Catch ya on the flip side yo!

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Jacob and Allie Henderson said...

I love this blog! You're such a thoughtful husband/daddy. We really enjoyed hanging out with you guys tonight...wish we could get together more often. =(

p.s. I love that Gina's doctor has our son's name! My mom kept telling me that Harper was a last name...guess it's true.