Sunday, December 28, 2008

Murphy Christmas

Good morning and welcome to Christmas. 

Paige's First Christmas. 

Pretty Girl in her Christmas dress. 

Santa's Coming!!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Getting ready for Christmas...Murphy Style.

Getting our Christmas Tree. 

Paige likes Christmas Cookies.

Cozy Fire. 
Stockings and all. 

Monday, December 1, 2008


Hey Everyone! We thought we'd update you on the past few weeks, but be warned - it's a lot!

All snuggled up to go out in the 40 degree weather today.
Thanks Nana for the snuggly overcoat, it kept her perfectly warm (and it looked pretty darn cute!)

Saying goodbye to Aunt Alyssa, Uncle Brian and Evelyn Renee.

Decorating for Christmas with mom and dad.

Thanksgiving night we decorated our house for Christmas - we just couldn't wait another minute.
Paige was a big help, as you can see.
Paige's very first Thanksgiving.
All dressed up and ready to go eat some turkey!
Gimme some TURKEY LEG!!!!!!

3 Months Old!

On November 20th, Paige turned 3 months old. Man how time flies!
Playing is hard work!

Our brown-eyed girl!The best picture we had of her eye color - a perfect mix of her daddy's brown eyes and her mommy's green eyes. They are light brown with a hint of green mixed in.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Brown Eyed Girl!

Hey all!  After much guessing and variation, it looks like Paige's eyes have finally settled on a color.  They are a beautiful light brown, just like her daddy.  We'll try to post a good picture of her beautiful brown eyes.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

New PJ's

New pink pajamas with the bunny slippers built in.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Give Me a Hand

Paige is growing up so fast that it's hard to keep up sometimes.  She's 2 1/2 months old and growing like a weed - over 25 inches long and around 12 pounds now (praise God for normal weight gain!).  And now - she's discovered her hand.  For those of you not used to the stages of new babies, you may not realize that newborns don't know that their hands are attached to them and therefore have little control over what they do.  It's actually quite hilarious to watch as Paige pulls her pacifier out of her own mouth and then looks around for who stole it.  We always say that the elusive Binky Bandit has struck again when that happens.  But, I fear we may not be able to say that anymore.  This past week Paige has been mesmerized by her little hands.  She can stare at them all day.  And now that she has found them, she is bound and determined to use them.  Today, when I went to get her out of her car seat, she had pulled her little hat right off of her head.  She was quite proud of herself, laughing at me as I put it back on.  She has been very aware of the people and things around her for some time now, but now she is able to react more to them.  And she is so close to holding her head up all by herself.  She can hold it for a few seconds and then it teeters and totters.  Her independence grows with each new day, as does her appetite.  It's amazing to watch this little miracle discover something new every day and become more and more of who God made her to be.  We love being her parents and are so excited for all that's to come.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Miracles Abound

So we had to share yet another miracle that we have witnessed.  We mentioned in an earlier post that Paige's Aunt Alyssa and Uncle Brian are expecting a baby girl named Evelyn Renee.  What we didn't tell you is that in the same sonogram that confirmed she's a girl the doctor's found a cyst in the baby's brain, a choroid plexus cyst to be exact.  This condition is not uncommon and usually resolves in the 3rd trimester.  However, there are times when it doesn't resolve and it results in a condition called trisomy 18 - a horribly scary scenario.  We prayed and fasted and had wonderful friends join in with prayer and fasting.  And today they went back to the doctor.  They found that the cyst has shrunk down, and only a remnant remains.  They fully expect it to completely disappear and have no affect on the baby.  Isn't God amazing?  He never ceases to amaze us in all He does.  Perhaps the greatest miracle in all of this is that Alyssa and Brian experienced complete peace throughout this whole ordeal, proving yet again that God doesn't only take us out of the circumstance, but He also takes us through it.  Thanks for the prayers, and never underestimate God.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween 2008!

Pretty Kitty!
We just finished celebrating Paige's first Halloween.  Truth be told, we are not big fans of Halloween.  We prefer to celebrate the fall harvest and the beautiful change of the season that God orchestrates.  But, we decided to enjoy the fun festivities of dressing up and being with family and friends this Halloween.  Paige Anna dressed up like a kitty cat and was way too cute for words.  It was so hard to get a good picture that really captured her adorable outfit.  We went trick-or-treating with Gina's family, and enjoyed some delicious homemade apple cider as we watched Charlie Brown (always a favorite!) .  Check out her cute paws and tail!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Anticipating Baby Evelyn

Hey all!  We just had to share our joy with all of you.  Paige's aunt Alyssa and uncle Brian are expecting their first baby in March, and this week we learned it's a girl!  Yay!!  Little baby Evelyn Renee is due to arrive on March 25th, 2009.  Paige cannot wait to meet her little cousin, and who we think will be her very best friend.  God has not only blessed us but our extended family as well.  He is such a good God! We cannot wait to meet this dear little one and introduce her and Paige.  Keep them in your prayers.  

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Gramps

We love our family! Paige has now met all of her grandparents. We are fortunate enough to have Gina's parents close by,

but Patrick's family does not live close.  We are so sad that we don't get to see them as often as we like, but we are thrilled that we got introduce them to Paige.  Labor Day weekend we hosted Paige's Nana (Patrick's mom) and Aunt Natalie (Patrick's sister).  We had so much fun sharing Paige with them.  She was spoiled with presents, kisses and lots of cuddles.  She sure does love them already.

    Then, this last weekend we were able to introduce Paige to her grandpa Dexter (Patrick's dad), Lita (Patrick's step-mom), Aunt Eliana (Patrick's sister) and Rocio.  Paige had a blast cheering on Texas against Oklahoma, playing with all of them, and posing for lots of fun pictures.  She can't wait to see them again.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Another Miracle!

Hey guys!  Just wanted to share another miracle that God has done on behalf of Paige.  Paige went to the doctor last Tuesday, and she weighed only 8 pounds - 5 ounces less than she weighed when she was born.  We were worried and mommy cried all day.  But, we prayed, and our family prayed, and many of our friends prayed, and the most amazing thing happened.  We took her in for a weight check on Monday to see of she had gained any weight and if we should be worried.  They laid her on the scale and it read 9lb. 2oz.  Paige had gained 18 ounces in 6 days!  That weight gain caught her up to the exact weight she should be at for her age.  It was such an amazing gain, especially when you consider that a healthy baby should gain 1 ounce a day.  God totally intervened and showed us yet again that He has His hands on our baby girl.  We are so blessed, and just had to share how great our God is with all of you!  Thanks for keeping her in your prayers!  They are definitely heard and answered by our Lord.

Friday, September 19, 2008


New Pictures are under Happy Paigers and Lookin Good in Photobucket. The link is right <<-------- here to the left.  Just click on it. 

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Day Paige was born

We just wanted to share the story of Paige with y'all. Paige was 9 days overdue when we went into the hospital to be induced. We spent a long night at the hospital hooked up to a lot of machines. Gina was in labor for around 25 hours and started pushing around 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday. There were quite a few weird complications that arose during this time. Paige's heart rate dropped very low around 4 in the afternoon. The nurses rushed in and Gina had to be given oxygen. Once that cleared up, she continued pushing and some problems from the epidural started. Gina lost all feeling and control of her left leg and started to have deferred pain, where her contractions went into her right leg. The doctors had never seen anything like this before, and it was pretty scary. Gina ended up pushing for over 4 hours. All the while, family and friends all over the country were praying for us. Gina's grandma had a dream the night before that Paige had serious problems during delivery and was praying and fasting for her the entire day. While praying, Gina's grandma started to have sharp pains in her right leg - the same pains that Gina was having. All this prayer made all the difference and Paige finally came into the world. When she first came out the doctors quickly took her away like they didn't want us to see her because they thought that she had a severe respiratory problem. They called the neo-natal unit to come and get her, but Patrick said they couldn't take her anywhere until he prayed for her. He laid his hands on her and prayed out loud (everyone in the room shut their eyes and prayed with him...pretty cool), and when the neo-natal team came they said whatever problems she had before had stopped and that she was perfectly healthy. It was so cool that Paige's first experience in life was her daddy laying hands on her and praying for healing. The experience was scary and wonderful, and Paige was born perfectly healthy despite the weird circumstances and scares. We know that it was all of the prayers that changed everything. So thank you to everyone who prayed. It's because of Him that our baby girl is here and completely healthy....and with a sweet mohawk. We know God has big plans for her life already. : )

So Blessed!

Hey All!  Just wanted to say hi and thank everyone who has been blessing us with their prayers, gifts and love.  We have been overwhelmed by the amount of love and encouragement we've received from everyone.  Paige is doing fabulous!  She is the cutest little thing, being the perfect mix of both Patrick and I.  She makes some of the same faces as her dad, and sleeps on her side just like her mom.  She is the easiest baby - she doesn't fuss, and she sleeps around 6 hours every night since she was only a few days old.  She is such a joy.  Paige loves kisses, getting cuddled and when her mom and dad sing to her.  We feel so blessed to have this perfect little person entrusted to us by the Lord.  We love her more than we could possibly express and we are so excited to share her with all of you, the people we love.  

Friday, August 22, 2008

all of paige's pictures

If you've looked over the last few days I added new pictures Sunday night. I'm working on more pictures and I have some videos we'll add well as the story of Paige. She really is a little miracle. We've never been so happy to be so tired. : ) I will keep updating but for now....



Thursday, August 21, 2008



So she's here. 8 lbs 5 ounces. 21 3/4". Just wanted to put up some pictures. Will share more later.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Final Countdown!!!

12 Days to go til our due date!!
Gina is doing so well. Another perfect doctors visit. Dr. Harper told Gina, "See you next week.....if not sooner!" It's all sinking in that she is really coming. We're so excited to see her little face and find out what features she got from me (hopefully 0) and what features she gets from gina (100% is what I'm hoping for.) How cute will my LBG (Little Baby Girl) be!! She already has her Daddy wrapped around her lil finger.
Her little room is basically all ready to go. She's got more clothes than I do...and way cooler shoes. We've been very blessed with the gifts everyone has given us to help us prepare for her arrival.
Now we're just in that waiting game where no matter what if my wife calls I better answer my phone. It could be a simple question or it could be GO TIME!!!
We're very excited for everyone to meet our newest edition to the Murphy family. We'll keep you posted. Please remember my wife and baby girl in your prayers the next couple weeks....remember we're rookies at this thing. : )

Thursday, July 3, 2008

June 28th - We continue to be spoiled! Alyssa, Mom and Annette threw me a shower here in Texas at the Lavender Tea House. I got to celebrate with all of the people I love out here in the Lonestar state. It was so lovely! And it was wonderful to have Alyssa, Debi and Eliana fly in for the event. Wow! We are beyond blessed! Only 5 weeks now until little Paige is due to make her arrival. We can't wait to share her with all of you.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Three (actually 4) generations! My mom, grandma and me (with Paige)
Georgina and I at the shower. She was a huge help.
At my shower with my lovely family who put it all together.
Hey all! Patrick and I just returned from a wonderful week in California. It was so great to see all the people we love so much. Alyssa and Brian hosted us at their house and could not have been more generous. Also, we were showered with love at my baby shower on Sunday, which was amazing. Having so many of our friends and family there to bless us and celebrate was truly wonderful. Thanks to Burdetta, my mom and sisters, we had a beautiful venue and a perfect day. Thanks so much to everyone who helped celebrate with us. We have been so blessed throughout this entire pregnancy. We are truly undeserving of how much God has given us. We're less than 2 months away from this little girl's arrival and we cannot wait to meet her. We also can't wait for her to meet all of you. Please continue to pray for her, because it has definitely made a difference.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Baby Paige's first trip to Disneyland.... Thanks to our good friends Scott and Diane Lester.

We had so much fun with Brian, Alyssa, Scott and Diane. Paige was not especially fond of the drops and bumps on Pirates of the Caribbean. Despite that, we rode Indiana Jones, Pirates, and the new Finding Nemo ride. Patrick decided that since Paige will be our little squirt that she needed a little Squirt.

Today we had to get some new gear for the Murphy Crew. New VAN's. Daddy, Mommy, and check out Paige's new kicks.

Patrick is such a good dad already. He's always spoiling both me and Paige with little presents and sweet things. We are very blessed to have such a thoughtful man to take care of us.

Friday, May 23, 2008

29 weeks...11 to go!!!

Hello everyone-

Quick update. So Gina had her Doctor's appointment this week and everything is going splendid. Dr. Harper says that little Paige is doing perfect. So that's great news.

I'm very proud of my wife. She's been a real trooper. I've been told for the last 6 months to be prepared to go pick up happy meals, sherbert, and a can of cheese wiz at 2 am. I haven't had to go once. Although now we've graduated to the, "You better get as much sleep as you can now" stage. I'm not buying it. Regardless, my wife is awesome and she takes such good care of little Paige.

My LBG (little baby girl...stole the acronym idea from Joey) is bouncing and moving all the time. She's already got a little personality. She'll play fight with me and push back if I gently push on Gina's belly (ok I egg her on a little but that's my job as a daddy). With anyone else though she's very shy. I picture her in there acting all shy and batting her little eyelashes...which she has now. She loves music. Especially Switchfoot.

That's it for now. We're doing well here in the land of TEXAS. God continues to bless us with everything and then some. We'll be in CA soon and we're very excited to visit. Catch ya on the flip side yo!

Sunday, May 11, 2008