Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Another Miracle!

Hey guys!  Just wanted to share another miracle that God has done on behalf of Paige.  Paige went to the doctor last Tuesday, and she weighed only 8 pounds - 5 ounces less than she weighed when she was born.  We were worried and mommy cried all day.  But, we prayed, and our family prayed, and many of our friends prayed, and the most amazing thing happened.  We took her in for a weight check on Monday to see of she had gained any weight and if we should be worried.  They laid her on the scale and it read 9lb. 2oz.  Paige had gained 18 ounces in 6 days!  That weight gain caught her up to the exact weight she should be at for her age.  It was such an amazing gain, especially when you consider that a healthy baby should gain 1 ounce a day.  God totally intervened and showed us yet again that He has His hands on our baby girl.  We are so blessed, and just had to share how great our God is with all of you!  Thanks for keeping her in your prayers!  They are definitely heard and answered by our Lord.


Rissa said...

Ahh! How amazing is that?! God is GOOD!

I'm so excited to be able to read all about baby Paige!! She is BEAUTIFUL and I'm SO happy for you guys. I'll definitely be keeping up with this blog - no doubt about it! Fun!

Love you guys!

Anonymous said...

Yeah!!! That is wonderful news!!! God IS good! Such a sweetie pie! I can't wait to someday meet her!