Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Give Me a Hand

Paige is growing up so fast that it's hard to keep up sometimes.  She's 2 1/2 months old and growing like a weed - over 25 inches long and around 12 pounds now (praise God for normal weight gain!).  And now - she's discovered her hand.  For those of you not used to the stages of new babies, you may not realize that newborns don't know that their hands are attached to them and therefore have little control over what they do.  It's actually quite hilarious to watch as Paige pulls her pacifier out of her own mouth and then looks around for who stole it.  We always say that the elusive Binky Bandit has struck again when that happens.  But, I fear we may not be able to say that anymore.  This past week Paige has been mesmerized by her little hands.  She can stare at them all day.  And now that she has found them, she is bound and determined to use them.  Today, when I went to get her out of her car seat, she had pulled her little hat right off of her head.  She was quite proud of herself, laughing at me as I put it back on.  She has been very aware of the people and things around her for some time now, but now she is able to react more to them.  And she is so close to holding her head up all by herself.  She can hold it for a few seconds and then it teeters and totters.  Her independence grows with each new day, as does her appetite.  It's amazing to watch this little miracle discover something new every day and become more and more of who God made her to be.  We love being her parents and are so excited for all that's to come.


Jordan said...

So delightful to hear about Paige's little discoveries! Her hair is so full and dark! Love the bunny slipper jammies too. Bless you two you lucky parents!

Ruthola said...

Oops! Accidentally left my comment under Jordan's name. It is really from me.