Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Day Paige was born

We just wanted to share the story of Paige with y'all. Paige was 9 days overdue when we went into the hospital to be induced. We spent a long night at the hospital hooked up to a lot of machines. Gina was in labor for around 25 hours and started pushing around 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday. There were quite a few weird complications that arose during this time. Paige's heart rate dropped very low around 4 in the afternoon. The nurses rushed in and Gina had to be given oxygen. Once that cleared up, she continued pushing and some problems from the epidural started. Gina lost all feeling and control of her left leg and started to have deferred pain, where her contractions went into her right leg. The doctors had never seen anything like this before, and it was pretty scary. Gina ended up pushing for over 4 hours. All the while, family and friends all over the country were praying for us. Gina's grandma had a dream the night before that Paige had serious problems during delivery and was praying and fasting for her the entire day. While praying, Gina's grandma started to have sharp pains in her right leg - the same pains that Gina was having. All this prayer made all the difference and Paige finally came into the world. When she first came out the doctors quickly took her away like they didn't want us to see her because they thought that she had a severe respiratory problem. They called the neo-natal unit to come and get her, but Patrick said they couldn't take her anywhere until he prayed for her. He laid his hands on her and prayed out loud (everyone in the room shut their eyes and prayed with him...pretty cool), and when the neo-natal team came they said whatever problems she had before had stopped and that she was perfectly healthy. It was so cool that Paige's first experience in life was her daddy laying hands on her and praying for healing. The experience was scary and wonderful, and Paige was born perfectly healthy despite the weird circumstances and scares. We know that it was all of the prayers that changed everything. So thank you to everyone who prayed. It's because of Him that our baby girl is here and completely healthy....and with a sweet mohawk. We know God has big plans for her life already. : )

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Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness!!! What a crazy/scary/wonderful story! I am so glad everyone is happy and healthy. We love you guys and can't wait to meet little Paige! Let us know the next time you're in OC; we take frequent visits down there. And if you ever want to visit glorious Northern Cali., we have a guest room with your name on it! :)