Monday, December 1, 2008


Hey Everyone! We thought we'd update you on the past few weeks, but be warned - it's a lot!

All snuggled up to go out in the 40 degree weather today.
Thanks Nana for the snuggly overcoat, it kept her perfectly warm (and it looked pretty darn cute!)

Saying goodbye to Aunt Alyssa, Uncle Brian and Evelyn Renee.

Decorating for Christmas with mom and dad.

Thanksgiving night we decorated our house for Christmas - we just couldn't wait another minute.
Paige was a big help, as you can see.
Paige's very first Thanksgiving.
All dressed up and ready to go eat some turkey!
Gimme some TURKEY LEG!!!!!!

3 Months Old!

On November 20th, Paige turned 3 months old. Man how time flies!
Playing is hard work!

Our brown-eyed girl!The best picture we had of her eye color - a perfect mix of her daddy's brown eyes and her mommy's green eyes. They are light brown with a hint of green mixed in.

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