Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Final Countdown!!!

12 Days to go til our due date!!
Gina is doing so well. Another perfect doctors visit. Dr. Harper told Gina, "See you next week.....if not sooner!" It's all sinking in that she is really coming. We're so excited to see her little face and find out what features she got from me (hopefully 0) and what features she gets from gina (100% is what I'm hoping for.) How cute will my LBG (Little Baby Girl) be!! She already has her Daddy wrapped around her lil finger.
Her little room is basically all ready to go. She's got more clothes than I do...and way cooler shoes. We've been very blessed with the gifts everyone has given us to help us prepare for her arrival.
Now we're just in that waiting game where no matter what if my wife calls I better answer my phone. It could be a simple question or it could be GO TIME!!!
We're very excited for everyone to meet our newest edition to the Murphy family. We'll keep you posted. Please remember my wife and baby girl in your prayers the next couple weeks....remember we're rookies at this thing. : )

1 comment:

david said...

Im calling dibs on baby pix and Goduncle which is a title I just made up for myself. Love u guys.
D Rowe