Wednesday, February 11, 2009

California Trip

Paige and Mama got to go to mommy's hometown, the OC, for Aunt Alyssa's baby shower.
It was such a blessed trip!  Paige did great on the airplane (helped by a complimentary seat upgrade), and got to meet so many people we love.  And while we were there Paige grew so much.  In that short week she started waving, learned to do raspberries with her mouth and started sucking on her toes.  Too cute!  Paige got to see some of her mom's favorite places like the beach and finally got to meet her great grandma Arlene.  

So cool and ready for the beach. 

Mommy and Paigers hangin out on the pier. 

So joyful. 

Pretty girls.

"I love sand." -Paige

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Anonymous said...

What cute pictures! i can't believe what a doll she is! :)