Tuesday, May 25, 2010

San Antonio!

We went to San Antonio for a quick weekend trip to visit some of Patrick's family. We were able to celebrate with Grandpa Dex, Lita and Aunt Eliana for all of their birthdays. On Saturday we went to a kiddie park that has been there since 1925, and Paige got to ride all of the rides. It was so fun watching her. Our kids are quite the travelers. Paige has been to 7 states, and Elijah has already been to 4. They did awesome on the 5 hour drive, and Paige had no accidents! She is officially potty-trained, yahoo!!! Elijah was a little cuddle-bug, loving on everyone. It was a great quick trip and Elijah was able to meet his uncle Alex. I thought we would share some of the cute pics - I mean, how could I not share? These kids are WAY too cute not to share!

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