Thursday, May 28, 2009


Family picnic!  Feeding the ducks and eating dinner by the pond.
                             I love Cheerios and swimming with my dad!

                Baby #2 showing him/herself!  4 1/2 months pregnant!

Paige is now 9 months old and little baby #2 is 18 weeks old in my tummy and starting to show him/herself.  Paige is pointing, waving, crawling and starting to stand up.  She's still talking all the time and has added the word "what", which is hilarious to hear.  She's such a big girl, with so much life and personality.  She really is such a joy.  Our new little sprout is an active little one, and now I can feel him/her moving around.  Soon our little family of 3 will be a family of 4!  This little one has fingerprints forming this week and is the size of a peach.  

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