Friday, June 5, 2009

A New Trick!

Yesterday, I came in to get Paige up from her nap and this is what I found.  A very proud little girl who had pulled herself up for the very first time.  We were both very excited, and luckily the camera was sitting on the table next to the bed so that I could capture this sweet moment.  Paige has been able to crawl for months, but refused to do so, opting instead to roll everywhere.  About a week ago she began to crawl and has taken off.  She's everywhere and into everything!  And the past few days she began to pull up.  She can walk around tables and chairs when I stand her up, but this was her very first time standing up completely on her own.  Now it won't be long until she takes off running.  

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Aubrey and Jen said...

oh my many mile stones so quickly! what a sweet girl! Grady is walking everywhere and into's so much fun!