Wednesday, June 24, 2009

It's a boy!

Yes, the rumors are true!  After much speculation we have now confirmed that baby #2 is definitely a boy.  Little Elijah, or Eli, is set to make his entrance in early November.  We can't wait!  Paige is excited to meet her baby brother, and start to boss him around.  Patrick and I can't wait to see him and kiss his little face.  He's a strong little guy, kicking like crazy.  And he responds to both his daddy and big sister's voice.  So excited to meet this little miracle!  
    As for Paige, she is now 10 months old.  She got her third tooth last week, and the fourth is right behind it.  She's cruising around all the furniture and becoming so independent.  She is definitely starting to show her independent and at times defiant personality.  She's testing boundaries and learning something new every day.  We're having a lot of fun and learning how to love, discipline and guide this little girl each day.  It's a challenge and a joy.  And soon there will be two!  
   But this post would not be complete without a mention of our Lord.  God is good y'all!  He is such a provider.  Patrick recently switched jobs and thus we had insurance issues.  Being 5 months pregnant, this was a bit stressful.  We had cancelled our sonogram, and I was so sad that we weren't going to find out what we were having for a long time and that I would have to switch doctors and hospitals.  But God stepped in as He has every single time.  Why do I always doubt?  We called to make an appointment for the sonogram and planned to pay out of pocket (which wasn't cheap!).  We were blessed to have someone offer to pay for it for us, which blew our socks off.  But God stepped in and got our insurance figured out, and they ended up not charging us a dime.  On top of that, we get to keep our doctor, hospital and all the same fees we had before.  All of this resolved within 24 hours.  And, the money given to us for the sonogram was a loving gift that now we were told to keep and use for us.  Our God provides for all of our needs, and I feel so silly for ever worrying one little bit.  He is the giver of every good and perfect gift, and He never comes a minute late.  So blessed!  

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Ruthola said...

So happy for you guys to be getting a little man-child from the Lord!!! Boys are great. Also so thankful that the Lord has taken care of you and is providing!! He is so good that way! Love to each one of you and baby Elijah too!