Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Christmas Miracle!

On Christmas Eve we were given an amazing gift. I opened my front door to turn on some lights and found a box sitting on my doorstep. On top was a computer print out that said Patrick and Regina Murphy and our address. There was no postage or return address. I brought the box inside and opened it. Inside was the box was nothing short of a miracle. Now to truly understand this you must know a few things - I have been cloth diapering Paige since she was about 4 months, but I couldn't afford the kind of diapers I really wanted and the number I truly needed. I have been wanting to cloth diaper Eli, but Paige's covers are too big and there are not enough to use for both of them. I resolved to save the money (which we definitely don't have right now) to buy the diapers I want. I figured it would take me around 6 months to save the money if I set aside some every week and went without some other things. But this box changed all of that. Inside this box was 25 cloth diapers. And not just any cloth diapers, but the exact style, type and even colors I wanted. I'm not sure that I have ever even said exactly what I wanted out loud. I received 25 Smartipants diapers, 12 cloth wipes, a wet bag and shower sprayer. I have no idea who left this expensive and amazing gift for us, but I know that it was God displaying His love for us. With the stock I already have I will be able to diaper both babies, and save us a lot of money. But perhaps the best thing in the box was a small note that simply said "God Bless the Murphy Family." He surely does, and this miracle was just one example but it got me thinking. This has been an interesting year. Our family has had to face some horrible things - my dad's sudden death, Patrick being laid off, a horrible interim job, many family members being diagnosed with cancer and financial troubles. But in the midst of all of these heartaches, trials and tribulations God has shown Himself in bigger and better ways than we have ever seen. Upon my dad's death we learned that he had life insurance, something none of us children knew. The money from that paid off debts, paid for the funeral and left my mom enough money to be able to pay the bills. When Patrick was laid off and we had no income for a month God provided unexpected gifts and checks that paid every bill on time and left us never wanting. The horrible job provided our family with money, new friends and some perspective. We learned to praise God in every circumstance. We saw God provide for our financial needs in every situation. He came through with just what we needed just in time, every time. Then there were the physical miracles. My cousin Tim was healed of cancer after surgery. My cousin Ashley's cancerous brain tumor was miraculously healed through prayer. My cousin Daniella's appendicitis was cured through prayer. Our dear friend Joe was healed of colon and kidney cancer without any chemo. The list goes on and on. But perhaps most of all I have seen Him drawing a lot of my family back to Him. Many of my cousins have come face to face with their Savior this year, and changed their hearts and lives to follow Him. It has been awesome to witness God calling His children home to Him. My God is so good! He amazes me. In all of these awful things He has sustained us, provided hope and proven faithful. But even more than that He has chosen to bless us in the midst of it all. He has given us exceedingly and abundantly more than we could think or ask. These diapers may seem silly to some, but to me they are just another example of how my God lavishes His love on us so generously. He doesn't hold back, He always comes through, He's never late and He delights in His children. Thank You Jesus!!

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Aubrey and Jen said...

This seriously made me cry...what an amazing blessing!!! Praise God for His provision and also for His attention to detail!:-) Now all 4 of our babies wear cloth that would be a cute picture!:-)