Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sickness :(

Well... it's happened. For the first time ever our ENTIRE family is sick. Boo! It's one of those devil viruses that no medicine will help. You just have to wait it out and do the homeopathic route (which I prefer over medicine anyway). Last Friday, Paige got a really runny nose and a little fever. Later that night Patrick came down with it too. Paige got progressively worse with this awful cold that made her so miserable. It was so sad, but it's been on the decline and only a nasty cough still persists. Patrick is also on the mend, thank you Lord. I worked so hard to keep Elijah and I from getting it, with my biggest fear being that we would continue to pass it back and forth to one another. Well, Elijah got a cold in his eye which is so sad to watch. Now it has moved into his nose and chest. And now, finally I have succumb to the evil virus. I have the worst sore throat I can remember ever having. So right now we are all in various stages of being sick. It's been 10 days, and I have had enough. But, I do see the healing on the horizon, and I'm holding fast to that. :) By the way, my babies are now 17 months and 3 months respectively. Can you believe that? I can't! Elijah is so big - over 15 pounds and 27 inches long. That's right, I said 15 pounds. Paige was 19 pounds at a year people. This boy is big, and beautiful. He has the most piercingly beautiful blue eyes, that look a lot like his late Papa's, and the sweetest smile. He is the happiest baby and is always flirting with the girls. Paige on the other hand is such a little grown up. She is saying so many words now, and doing so many things. We have even started a little bit of preschool with her, and she is picks up things so fast. When I say preschool I mean mommy and Paige at the kitchen table learning, not some institution. Patrick is doing amazing at his new job. He acquired more clients than anyone in his office for the month of January. He is so talented. And if you ever need insight on insurance, or financial matters he's a wealth of knowledge. So proud of my man. I am doing well. I love being with my babies, and finally feel like I have a schedule that works. Also, I have begun making all natural jellies and jams. If you ever want some of any kind (organic, sugar-free, etc.) let me know and I will be happy to oblige. :) I also have a few other little things I've been working on to see if I can make a little extra money from home - things like baking, baby blankets and tile covered trays. Anyway, just thought I'd update you on us a little instead of simply focusing on this dumb sickness. We remain abundantly blessed even in the midst of this sickness. So if you think of us, please pray it passes quickly. There is nothing sadder than sick babies who feel miserable, and I have 2 right now. But I will leave you on a high note - pictures of the two cutest kids ever. Enjoy!

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