Thursday, August 20, 2009

1 Year Already!

Today our beautiful baby girl is 1. Can you believe it? The year has flown by, and yet we cannot imagine a life without this perfect little blessing. Paige is a so amazing! We wish everyone could see her smile with her little spaced teeth, or hear her laugh with her hearty giggle, or watch her run away when she thinks she's in trouble, or hear her squeal with delight when she plays, or see her play so sweetly and gently with her baby cousin Evelyn, or watch her get so excited when she sees Drew and Jake have come to play, or see her wrinkle her little nose as she makes a hilarious grunting noise, or see her wonderful dance moves, and hear her sing in the backseat of the car. She is so full of joy that she lights up every room. We cannot walk into a store without someone commenting how beautiful she is. Paige is so smart - she responds to everything you say. She loves to be part of the action, but gets uncomfortable if all the attention is on her. She loves to look through books and point at all the pictures. She chases our dog Lola throughout the house and tries to pet her tail. She refuses to walk, although she is more than capable. She loves to get and give kisses and hugs, and wakes up with a big smile on her face. She will be a sweet and gentle big sister to Elijah in a few short weeks. Being the parents of this little blessing is a privilege, and we love our job! We are loving this stage in her life, and are excited for all the ones to come. God has big plans for this little girl.

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