Sunday, August 23, 2009

Paige's 1st Birthday Party

Our baby girl is not a baby anymore, she's a little girl now. Yesterday we celebrated her first birthday with a very small family party. Mommy made LOTS of cupcakes, daddy worked hard at the grill and Paige had the very best day ever. It seems like a lot of toddlers hate their birthday party, but Paige loved it. She had so much fun playing with everyone, opening her presents and eating cupcakes. She was all smiles all evening, and such a little hostess. We decided to try to make her day the most fun possible by keeping it small and simple, and having the party start after her afternoon nap. So around 4 p.m. our home was filled with grandparents and uncles and aunts and cousins, lots of good food, and a lot of love. She loved every single present (and so did we - they were perfect for her needs and her little personality). She got winter clothes, books, baby dolls and some toys that make fun noises. The day just could not have gone better for her, and we are so thankful that our little girl had such a great day. Paige definitely deserved it.

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